Answer the questions below to help determine your projects specifications.

Design Specifications

  • Product requirements documents or specifications (company or IPC)?
  • Is this a new board or a revision to an existing board?
  • What ECAD tool and version release is required for this project?
  • Is the schematic completed in ECAD Schematic tool?
  • In what ECAD tool is the schematic captured?
  • Will the schematic require any custom symbols be built?
  • Will this be a supplied a Footprint/Schematic library or will TouchPad need to provide?
  • Has a BOM been created in Excel format with part descriptions and MFG part numbers?
  • Has a board size been established?
  • Is there a drawing or .dxf file that will be provided for this project?
  • Specify the following, if known:
    – Board material
    – Board thickness
    – Number of layers
    – Copper weight
    – Surface finish
    – Colors for solder mask and silkscreen
    – DFT requirements (Design for testability)
  • Are there specific electrical characteristics requirements? If so, are there customer supplied constraints for the design, i.e. controlled impedance, differential pairs, matched lengths/groups, etc?
  • Have creepage and clearance requirements been defined?
  • Is a block diagram of the sub-circuit placement, i.e. power supply, microprocessor, etc. available for review?
  • Are keep-out areas, mounting holes, tooling holes and hardware requirements defined? If so, has a drawing or .dxf file showing where the areas are been provided?
  • Are there height restrictions for parts on the board? If so, has a drawing or .dxf file showing these locations?
  • If footprints need to be created, are there supplied datasheets for custom or required parts with enough information to build these components?
  • Are there any required pcb markings, i.e. part numbers, rev levels, serial numbers, etc.? If so, have they been defined?

Assembly Quote Specs

Standard quote package should consist of the following:


  • Desired RFQ quantity and lead time desired from 1-20 days.
  • Bill of Materials with part number and revision
  • PCB GBR data
  • Placement data
  • Fabrication drawings with material specifications and layer configuration. This should include copper weight, surface finish requirements, overall PCB thickness, solder mask color, silkscreen color and overall PCB dimensions.
  • Impedance requirements documents, or stack-up for designs. We can generate these, but will add time to the quote cycle.
  • Assembly Drawings for top and bottom sides if applicable.
  • All non-populated components should be identified on BOM and assembly drawings.
  • Leaded or Lead-Free assembly should be defined.
  • Conformal coat or other post processing shall be defined on drawings or other specifications.
  • Any additional information regarding the assembly.

Note: For partial-kitted assemblies, please specify what will be customer supplied:

  • Any customer supplied PCB and its current state, whether PCB is in a panel or single up.
  • Does PCB to be supplied match the current GBR panel layout?
  • Any customer supplied components should be indicated on BOM
Customer Diagram