Frequently Asked Questions


TouchPad is often able to suggest alternates based on listed specs. If a potential alternate component is identified by our team, it will be noted on a BOM Export along with request for approval of use.

BOM components are sourced from trusted vendors such as Digikey, Mouser, etc. We are able to source components from non-authorized distributors and brokers, but customer approval is required on a case-by-case basis.

After your BOM is sourced, TouchPad will advise if there are any material overages. If any single component has increased significantly in pricing from the quote, TouchPad will often notify your team before purchasing.

TouchPad only sources from a select list of pre-vetted and trusted vendors, the only exception being vendors approved by the customer on a case-by-case basis. Upon receipt of components, one component from each reel is inspected for correctness. Verification criteria include listed part number, part specs, and top markings as applicable.

PCBs are sourced from trusted partners who have undergone extensive vetting processes to ensure quality and on-time delivery. PCBs are also inspected upon receipt to ensure compliance to customer-defined specs

TouchPad does not stock a general use in-house inventory.

Unless otherwise noted, customer-supplied material is returned with finished assemblies. Material procured by TouchPad is retained for 20 days after the build, after which time material is purged and unrecoverable. If you would like your material handled differently, contact a TouchPad Project Manager at the time of your order.

TouchPad does not supply DLC info by default. For production jobs, DLC to the batch level can be provided if specified at the time of order.

TouchPad does not have a formal supplier scorecard. However, TouchPad regularly monitors vendors for on-time-delivery and quality to ensure our world-class standards are being maintained.

Supplied Material

Surface mount components are preferred to be supplied in reels (with leader tape) and contiguous cut strips when possible, however they can also be supplied in tubes/trays when needed. We cannot guarantee acceptance of surface mount components in loose packaging. Thru-hole components and hardware can be supplied loose or tape when possible.

Supplied components are anticipated to be supplied in undamaged, manufacturer original packaging. To prevent delays in kitting or assembly, make sure all your components are adequately labeled/packaged prior to shipment

TouchPad’s incoming processes kit received material against a provided BOM. If multiple builds are shipped together, it may delay one or both builds by the amount of time it takes to separate out material relevant to the specific build.

Attrition rates are a combination of fixed (setup/teardown) and variable (in-process) material loss. See below for attrition requirements outlining additional quantity required beyond build requirement:

  • 0402 or smaller: 35% or minimum 100pc, whichever is larger
  • 0603 or larger: 10%, or minimum 50pc, whichever is larger
  • High Cost ($1+/pc): 5% or 5pc, whichever is larger

All cut strips should be no less than 4in in length

In the event material is provided in quantities less than outlined in our attrition requirements and material is exhausted mid-production, TouchPad reserves the right to no-pop any remaining instances of said components, notifying the customer accordingly. TouchPad is aware of current market constraints limiting material availability and strives to conserve all material as best as possible.

A TouchPad Project Manager will place the order on hold notify you of any shortages/discrepancies found in supplied material received once known. If you are not notified of any issues and a CSD has been provided, it is safe to assume no issues have been noted with supplied materials.

All moisture-sensitive material is marked at incoming and stored in moisture-controlled environments when not being used in-process. Moisture exposure and lifetimes are monitored throughout the manufacturing process to ensure components with expired lifetimes are not installed. TouchPad is also currently in the process of implementing extensive MSL controls program upgrades.

Individual components should be labeled clearly with the following information:

  • Manufacturer
  • Manufacturer Part Number
  • Quantity
  • TPE Job Number OR PCBA Part Number components are to be allocated to

The following information is helpful to include on the label but not required:

  • Customer Part Number
  • Reference Designators
  • Part Description
  • TPE BOM Export Line Number

If material received is not labeled accordingly, it may delay the build by the amount of time it takes for TouchPad to identify material received.

Build Schedule

Depending on the size of the order/complexity of the assemblies, TouchPad can often ship partials. Talk to a TouchPad Project Manager to understand build timeline/feasibility at the time of order.

Day 1 begins the first full day after receipt of all required customer-supplied material. This includes components, fabs, or any tooling/fixturing required.

For volume orders, TouchPad can ship on a release schedule. If shipping on a release schedule is required, include relevant info in the RFQ.

While TouchPad sources from and maintains relationships with trusted vendors, supply chain disruptions are still present in the marketplace. Until line-of-sight is available on all incoming material, CSDs provided are unreliable.

Day 1 begins the first full day after receipt of all required customer-supplied material. This includes components, fabs, or any tooling/fixturing required.

Once all material is on order with line of sight, a CSD is provided.

TouchPad can ship outside of the US.


Any outstanding items with potential to affect quoted lead time are noted on TouchPad’s quote. This includes notes regarding bare PCB items, fixturing/tooling, and a comprehensive BOM Export detailing availability concerns at the BOM Line level.

TouchPad is open to projects of any size/quantity.

FabLotTest is a charge for the in-circuit testing of all bare PCBs before they leave our vendor’s facility. This ensures that all PCBs are functional and conforming before any components are placed. This charge is recurring on a per-order basis.

Stencil is a one-time charge for any SMT stencil tooling required to install surface mount components. These stencils are typically purged 20 days from completion of the order but can be retained and reused for identical runs.

MachineProgramming is a one-time setup charge to program production equipment for the build. These programs are retained indefinitely and can be used any number of times for identical builds.

Quoted lead time is guaranteed if a few factors are met:

  • All restricting items noted on the quote are resolved with resolutions sufficient to meet the lead time
  • No new sourcing items that were not present at the time of quote arise
  • No major issues/delays arise in the receipt/kitting of customer-supplied material
  • EQs and in-process issues are resolved with less than 24 hours of time in which the order is ON HOLD

Quoted lead time is determined based on a combination of factors, mainly material availability, existing production capacity, and build complexity.

Quotes with lead times 10 days or less are valid for 48 hours, while quotes with lead times exceeding 10 days are valid for 15 days.

Quotes do not include any tariffs/duties. If needed at the time of quote, TouchPad can include estimated tariff/duty charges in quotation. Any tariff/duty charges incurred exceeding amount included in quote are charged as an overage on the order.

Data Packages

The minimum files needed for a quote are a Bill of Materials and Gerber files. The minimum files needed to place an order are a Bill of Materials, Gerber files, and Centroid (Pick and Place) data.

BOMs should include reference designators, line quantity, manufacturer part number, manufacturer, and line description. Supplementary data, such as customer part numbers and alternate part numbers, is helpful but not necessarily required.

See below, attached, something for TPE Default specs assumed and quoted in cases where specifics are not detailed.

Gerber files should be provided in .gbr, .art, or .pho format. TGZ wrapped odb files are workable in most cases.

Quotes made with preliminary data files are valid in most cases assuming changes are minimal.

Each order includes one data package revision at no additional charge, assuming the revision happens prior to the kitting process beginning. If kitting has already started, the revision is subject to a variable surcharge covering additional labor incurred by the revision.


TouchPad accepts orders with customer supplied PCBs (KittedFab Orders), assuming panel layout is available to TouchPad for review at the time of quote.

In most cases, TouchPad can work with custom panel designs assuming they are available for review/formal approval at the time of quote.

The following are requirements to ensure manufacturability:

  • Fiducial markings are present on rails, and 4.8mm from the edge of the rails in X and Y dimensions
  • Rail width is at least 12.5mm
  • Total panel size does not exceed 12in x 12in
  • Panelization takes into account any overhanging components

As long as they meet TouchPad’s requirements (see previous question), fabs have an extremely high likelihood of being accepted for manufacturing.

Even if there are not components near the board edge, rails ensure that boards are not damaged in any capacity when stored on in-process racks.

In extenuating circumstances, TouchPad is able to work with onboard fiducials. However, fiducials should be present on rails whenever possible to ensure maximum manufacturing compatibility.

TouchPad can generate placement data from Gerbers at a variable charge dependent on assembly size.


TouchPad is often able to suggest alternates based on listed specs. However, TouchPad cannot guarantee any suggested alts are suitable for your specific application.

TouchPad works with trusted partners to procure PCBs. We do not currently fabricate PCBs in house.

TouchPad can often accommodate fully-kitted box build assemblies for customers, however our primary offering is PCBA.

TouchPad can provide FAI documentation if specified at the time of quote.

TouchPad does not do flying probe testing in house

For larger-scale volume projects, TouchPad works with trusted partners to develop comprehensive test-fixturing based on customer specifications

TouchPad can label and serialize PCBAs. Please ensure all details relevant to these processes are specified at the time of quote.

TouchPad is equipped to run low-to-mid volume projects.

TouchPad can work with both leaded and lead-free processes.

TouchPad works with trusted partners to perform conformal coating processes.

TouchPad works with trusted partners for complex rework-only jobs.

TouchPad accepts labor-only jobs. To make sure your job runs as smoothly as possible, please ensure material is provided according to our supplied material checklist.

TouchPad accepts material-procurement-only orders.


Yes, TouchPad is ISO 9001:2015 certified

Yes, TouchPad is ITAR registered

Upon request, TouchPad can include a CoC with each shipment.

Absolutely. To schedule a tour, reach out to a TouchPad Project Manager or fill out our contact form to discuss specific timing/details.