TouchPad can take your User Interface and HMI project from the front-end engineering to final outputs utilizing in-depth expertise that enhances end user experience

User Interface HMI Icon

As a core competency since the inception of TouchPad Electronics, User Interface and HMI design and manufacturing is where we started, and continue to serve. TouchPad will take on any of your membrane switch design projects. We have extensive experience with a wide variety of materials, stack-ups, and layer configurations. We specialize in membrane hybrid circuit technologies on flex and FR-4.

HMI Offerings

Metal stampings
Membrane backlighting
Hybrid membrane/PCB & FPC
Waterproof sealing
Rubber keypads
Full HMI/UI module box build

Duraswitch Design

TouchPad’s Engineers are experts at designing in Duraswitch patented technologies such as PushGate, Peel and Place, thiNcoder RT, and MagnaMouse PIC controller and joystick.