From backlighting & graphical interface design to pinout optimization and technology selection,
TouchPad handles all your Touchscreen and Digital Display needs.

Touchscreen & Digital Display

TouchPad Electronics’ engineering team can help design your OLED, touch screen, LCD’s and hybrid displays. TouchPad offers full-service touchscreen and digital display manufacturing & logistics from prototyping to mass production. We produce LCD, OLED and UI touch displays with quick-turn prototyping both domestically & off-shore.

  • Technology selections
  • Dimensional prints
  • Character sizing and design
  • Display stack & configuration attributes like drive methods, frequency, duty, Bias, modes & polarizing
  • Definition of cell width, glass thickness, viewing area
  • Viewing angle and height requirements for & first contact
  • Environmental considerations
  • Interconnect
  • Selection of display drivers and other hardware integration requirements