Flex & Rigid Flex PCB

TouchPad is a leader in quick-turn & Rigid FPC. We offer solutions for high quality Flex & Rigid-Flex PCB products coupled with dedicated customer service. DFM and cost reduction reports are standard with every order. We will advise on improvements to the design ways to cut cost on future production runs. We assure the highest quality prototypes at unmatched speed, low coast NRE and piece price.

Rigid-Flex PCB

Rigid-flex boards from TouchPad harness the advantages of both rigid PCBs as well as flexible circuits to stay up-to-date with the constant evolution of technology. This is the perfect solution for today’s complex products that are becoming smaller and require a much tighter fit. Varying layer counts and material types allow us to meet your every need!

Layer range from 1 to 8 layers in the flex area and up to 10 layers in the rigid area.

Flexible PCB

Flexible Printed Circuits were developed to allow electronic goods to become smaller and lighter. TouchPad’s flex circuits have an excellent working efficiency and they are widely used as a core component in electronics such as cameras, computers, and mobile phones. Our FPC capabilities go up to 12 layers to allow for any application you desire!

1 to 8 layers with a wide variety of base materials & thicknesses

Rigid-Flex PCB Lead Time

2 layers – 15 Days
4 layers -15 Days
<4 Mixed Layer Configuration -15 Days

Low Volume
2 layers – 15-20 Days
4 layers – 20 Days
<4 Mixed Layer Configuration – Varies

Mid-Volume Production
2 layers – 20 Days
4 layers – 20 Days
<4 Mixed Layer Configuration – Varies

Flexible PCB Lead Time

1 layer – 5-7 Days
2 layers – 7-10 Days
4-8 layers – 15 Days

Low Volume
1 layer – 10-15 Days
2 layers – 10-15 Days
4-8 layers – 15 Days

Mid-Volume Production
1 layer – 20 Days
2 layers – 20 Days
4-8 layers – 20 Days

Rigid-Flex PCB & Flexible PCB Roadmap

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