The following help determine your projects specifications for assembly and design quotes.

Assembly Quote Specs

To receive an accurate design quote, please provide the following details regarding…

  • Desired RFQ quantity and lead time desired from 1-20 days.
  • Bill of Materials with part number and revision
  • IPC Class 1, 2, or 3
  • PCB GBR data
  • Placement data
  • Fabrication drawings with material specifications and layer configuration. This should include copper weight, surface finish requirements, overall PCB thickness, solder mask color, silkscreen color and overall PCB dimensions.
  • Impedance requirements documents, or stack-up for designs. We can generate these, but will add time to the quote cycle.
  • Assembly Drawings for top and bottom sides if applicable.
  • All non-populated components should be identified on BOM and assembly drawings.
  • Leaded or Lead-Free assembly should be defined.
  • Conformal coat or other post processing shall be defined on drawings or other specifications.
  • Any additional information regarding the assembly

Partial-Kitted Assemblies

For partial-kitted assemblies, please provide any relevant details, including…

  • Any customer supplied PCB and its current state, whether PCB is in a panel or single up.
  • Does PCB to be supplied match the current GBR panel layout?
  • Any customer supplied components should be indicated on BOM

ECAD Specs

  • What ECAD tool and version release is required for this project?
  • Is schematic completed in ECAD Schematic tool?
  • In what ECAD tool is schematic captured?
  • Will this be a supplied a Footprint/Schematic library or will TouchPad need to provide?
  • Is there a drawing or .dxf file that will be provided for this project?

Layout Considerations

  • Has a board size been established?
  • Have creepage and clearance requirements been defined?
  • Is a block diagram of the sub-circuit placement, i.e. power supply, microprocessor, etc. available for review?
  • Are keep-out areas, mounting holes, tooling holes and hardware requirements defined? If so, has a drawing or .dxf file showing where the areas are been provided?
  • Are there height restrictions for parts on the board? If so, has a drawing or .dxf file showing these locations?
  • If footprints need to be created, are there supplied datasheets for custom or required parts with enough information to build these components?

Design Considerations

  • Product requirements documents or specifications (company or IPC)?
  • Is this a new board or a revision to an existing board?
  • Will the schematic require any custom symbols be built?
  • Has a BOM been created in Excel format with part descriptions and MFG part numbers?
  • Specify the following, if known:
    – Board material
    – Board thickness
    – Number of layers
    – Copper weight
    – Surface finish
    – Colors for solder mask and silkscreen
    – DFT requirements (Design for testability)
  • Are there specific electrical characteristics requirements? If so, are there customer supplied constraints for the design, i.e. controlled impedance, differential pairs, matched lengths/groups, etc?
  • Are there any required pcb markings, i.e. part numbers, rev levels, serial numbers, etc.? If so, have they been defined?