PCB Layout

Electronic packaging, design and simulation PCB layout services created using the latest ADVANCED EDA TOOLSETS and HIGHLY-SKILLED PROFESSIONAL DESIGNERS

Our PCB layout group serves many of the industry leaders in medical, commercial, industrial, consumer, and some of the world’s most advanced research organizations.

  • Standard Printed Circuit Board layout with no limit to layer configurations
  • Sequential lamination, Blind/Buried vias, Skip Drilling, Buried Capacitance, Micro-Vias, HDI, Impedance Control, and High Speed Digital designs to MGHz+ on FR4 and advanced high performance material
  • Chip-on-Board, Multi-Chip Modules, Die Attach
  • Pre-layout thermal planning & stack-up definition, controlled stack development and multi-layer aluminum & other metallic PCB’s
  • High-speed digital designs to GHz + on FR4 and high performance materials
  • Pre-layout simulation and analysis services, EMC/EMI and SI analyses software platforms
  • Termination and topology strategies
  • Stack-up and impedance analysis
  • Post-layout simulation and analysis verification
  • DFM reports and feedback on design
  • Low-Loss Materials, Metal Cores, Heat Plates
  • Memory, DVI, Ethernet, USB2/3, PCI, PCI-X, all current DIMM DDR memory platforms
  • RF Signal Design/RF Antenna Design
  • Backplane/Frontplane Design
  • Single and Multi-Layer MCPCB (Metal Core PCB)
  • High-end constraint driven designs
  • Cadence Design Systems- Allegro/OrCAD Capture/OrCAD layout
  • Cadence Design Entry HDL
  • Altium Designer
  • Mentor Graphics- PADS Logic and DX Designer for PADS Layout

Flexible Printed Circuit and Rigid Flex Design

TouchPad Electronics has expert FPC design specialists that can take your drawing from a schematic sketch and basic FPC outline to produce CAD files and drawings to produce outputs. We can point out cost drivers as well as material selection to help your team make critical decisions up front to save on production costs down the line. From single layer to multi-layer FPC, TouchPad can take on any flex design project.

Finally, TouchPad can complete the FPC design, panelize for assembly and advise tooling for manufacturing. Once our designers are complete with your project, we can build your assemblies in our facility for test.

  • Initial Schematic reviews to estimate layer counts
  • Determine conductor widths per Namograph for high current FPC’s
  • Advise overall thicknesses, materials, cover layers and construction
  • Review mechanical requirements of proposals and generate dummy models for fitment made from PET or other materials to represent final FPC behaviors