Take advantage of TouchPad’s PCB Test Fixture Design & Development services to get complete sub-assemblies that enable you to comprehensively test your designs.

Test Fixture Design and Development

Our team will review product design and manufacturing process in order to identify optimal points for application of in-process testing. We will indicate whether such testing may be performed with available commercial test equipment or will require custom equipment. We will provide specifications for suitably robust fixturing, point out potential problems to be expected during processing & testing, along with ways to solve these problems.

We provide design drawings for PCB test fixturing, specifications for connectors and cables, specification of off-the-shelf data acquisition equipment, or designs for specialized data acquisition hardware. We provide software for archiving and analysis of data acquired by equipment.

Engineering Deliverables

We will provide complete turn-key service to develop & construct, as well as authoring all supporting documentation to install and operate PCB test systems.

Fabrication & Mechanical

Our team of specialists can provide you with incoming inspection test sets, in-process PCB test fixtures, calibration aids, workstations, LabView code, programming fixtures, functional test fixtures, rudimentary tests, and general test procedure documents.