Our processing capabilities combined with world class manufacturing allows us to design and manufacture customized cable assemblies for any market or application.

Custom Harnessing  Capabilities

We recognize in many markets that there is a need for high mix and low volume, to ensure we are bringing the most cost-effective solutions to our customers we have adopted modular work stations to ensure waste is reduced throughout the lean manufacturing process.

Our products are designed to operate in harsh environments and maintain reliable electrical and mechanical integrity. If there is a volume demand, we have the capability to design and install fully automated production lines to ensure consistent quality and competitive pricing.

  • Soldering – Fully automated and High frequency (14AWG- 40AWG)
  • Ultrasonic Welding (1.5mm2 – 50mm2)
  • EMI-EMC solutions
  • Automated wire cut, strip & crimping
  • Crimping – Automatic (18AWG – 28AWG) Hydraulic (4/0 AWG – 6 AWG)
  • Connector design and manufacture
  • PCBA integration
  • Braiding
  • Laser marking
  • Customized strain relief design for application
  • Over-molding (low pressure inner & outer)
  • Automation potting glue
  • Semi automation molding