Quick-Turn PCB Assembly

Did you ever wonder what it would be like to send your Quick-Turn PCB Assembly orders to a trusted team of Engineers and Technicians? To receive assemblies on time, with the peace of mind that you will not be troubleshooting manufacturing defects in the lab?

How about a truly dedicated project management team that can be flexible and accommodate mid-run changes without affecting lead time or placing your job on hold? Well, what about all of these, and an industry leading design staff to help with your PCB design backlog when needed?

What about low volume production orders or service parts? Picture a company focused on this low-volume business, treating it with the attention and respect to suit your needs as you deserve as a valued customer.

TouchPad Electronics is your solution.

Quick-Turn Advanced Level PCB Assembly

TouchPad is the Industry Leader in Advanced Level Quick-Turn PCB Assembly Prototyping. We service the who’s who in medical, aerospace, commercial, industrial, consumer, and some of the worlds most advanced research organizations. When quality, delivery and value are prime factors, TouchPad is the best in class for your prototyping needs as this is what we do!
Employing only the industries best Electronics Technicians, Engineers and highly qualified veterans of the industry, to complete your assembly projects, Touchpad’s manufacturing staff is unmatched amongst its competition. We solve problems with our customers, we make things possible, and we don’t just place your project on hold.

TouchPad Electronics is process driven organization with fully implemented LEAN, and 5s platforms with a manufacturing facility that would rival the cleanliness of an operating room. We ensure your data is sound, and that your build runs smoothly. All assemblies are built using our automated equipment operated by IPC certified EE Technicians and Engineers to the most rigid quality standards, allowing our customers to troubleshoot engineering issues in their new designs, rather than workmanship issues. We take organization and workflow to the next level which ensures a high quality product delivered on-time, every time. We are the industry leader and go-to facility for PCB assembly prototyping.

Quick Turn PCB Assembly
  • Utilizing the latest equipment such as high-end flex placement machines, the highest quality optical inspection equipment, gold series paste printing cameras, and the latest in selective soldering machines.
  • Unsurpassed process controls from component kit check-in to final inspection methods.
  • Highest level of technical service, from the time you send us your files through the delivery of your finished assemblies
  • Effective communication and project management throughout your entire project
  • Focus on quality and on-time delivery
  • Aggressive delivery dates with 1, 3 and 5 day assembly offerings
  • Full engineering review on the front end of your project

Low to Mid-Volume Production Assembly & Service Parts

Our low to mid-volume production offering is a favorite among our customers engaged in prototyping activities. Many CM’s are not interested in this type of work, however it is a perfect fit for TouchPad. We process all of our assembly projects through our system the same way, enabling us to respond quickly for service parts or low to mid-volume needs. We can perform post process such as EOL test, programming and full box builds. You can expect the same high quality output and on-time delivery you have come to expect from our prototyping services.

Low mid volume production boards